Charging Units

  • Items below are factors that the Technology Division researched extensively before approving the Chromebook / Laptop carts on this list. 


    • Ergonomics / Safety – This includes cart height/width, maneuverability, wheel width/durability, and overall cart weight. Can the cart be easily tipped if you hit an obstacle on the floor, etc.
    • Power – Charging units must be able to support and handle the power requirements of almost any device by staging the availability of power, ensuring that devices are not overcharged, increasing their longevity.
    • Ease of access – Students can easily access devices.
    • Serviceability – Carts can be easily serviced by the District Technicians.
    • Cable Management – Secured compartment for power bricks to be placed out of sight and cables to stay organized.
    • Assembly – No assembly is required for carts, handles, and wheels. When the assembly is required, the parts tend not to hold up over time.
    • Materials - High-grade steel, not easily dented or warped. Slotted durable baskets for easy classroom management.
    • Warranty – Lifetime preferable for cart. This would include the Motherboard that controls the charging unit. Baskets with an extended warranty.
    • Lock - Needs to have a lock feature built into the unit, or the ability to put a keyed padlock on it. If a keyed padlock is required, Technicians will need to have a key to the lock.

Mobile Charging Carts

Model Price
LockNCharge Carrier 30 Cart $1,400.00
LockNCharge Carrier 20 Cart $1,200.00
LockNCharge Joey 30 Cart $900.00

Wall-Mounted Charging Units

Model Price Notes
LockNCharge Carrier 10 Wall Mount $700.00 Installation included in price
LockNCharge Carrier 15 Wall Mount $900.00 Installation included in price