• Internal Transfer Process

    Please read the information below to determine if you are eligible for a transfer and how to apply for one.


    Professional or paraprofessional employees who meet the following criteria may complete the application for request to transfer to a different campus or location:
    • Teachers must be considered proficient, or the equivalent, on the most recent T-TESS evaluation, with no "Improvement Needed" noted within any domain. Teachers may not be eligible for transfer if they are on a growth plan.
    • Other personnel, including counselors, librarians, nurses, administrators, and all Paraprofessional personnel must have performance appraisal scores of at least "Proficient" for the two most recent years of employment.
    • Employees are highly recommended to discuss with their immediate supervisor prior to submitting their name to the active transfer list.

    How to Apply

    The Transfer Application is only available to internal applicants. You cannot view the application unless you create an AppHQ account.

    • Steps to accessing the job posting:
      • Select "Job Search"
      • Under "Position Type", select "Transfer Application"
      • Select "Refine Jobs"
      • Select "Transfer Request for the 2023-2024 School Year"
      • Select "Add Job"
      • Select "Close"
      • On the left-hand side, select "My Jobs"
      • Select "Apply"
      • Follow the prompts to complete the application

    Deadline: April 30, 2023

  • Transfer Application