• TBSI and PBS Q&A

    About the TBSI Training
    The TBSI training contains 6 broad modules that are required for anyone serving on the core team of their campus (Training of Trainers). The modules cover everything from legal perspectives to the application and documentation of time out. The TBSI model also specifies that a 7th module made up of physical crisis intervention must also be adopted by each district. For Denton ISD module 7 is CPI training. The core team on the campus will then in turn be responsible for providing training on their campuses. The question of who should be trained versus who must be trained is as follows:

    Who should be trained?

    Anyone who is trying to improve the manner in which PBS/RTI is being implemented on their campuses.

    Who must be trained?

    The core teams must receive all the modules. Anyone who implements time out that is part of a BIP (Modules 1-4)  or engages in restraint (Modules 1-3,5,7) of a special needs student. TAC 89.1053

    Does the TBSI training ever expire?


    Does CPI training expire?


    It is important to note that the CPI online training is not the same course as the TBSI online training. Therefore, CPI online training does not replace the TBSI online training.   

    Who constitutes the core team?
    Administrator or designee, general or special education personnel likely to use restraint; and general or special education personnel who implement time-out based on requirements established in a student’s IEP. Personnel who have not been trained and who utilize time-out and/or restraint must be trained within 30 school days of the date the intervention is used.
    This training can also be accessed online through the Region IV website.
    Full training includes modules on severe behavior

    Full Course Modules (1-6)Session ID: 973203Once participants receive their Region 4 account ID and sign up for the TBSI training the web address for the online modules will be emailed to them.For Technical support, contact Clynita Grafenreed at cgrafenreed@esc4.net or Sheryl Huebner Phone at either 713-744-6592 or sheryl.huebner@esc4.net.
    Positive Behavioral Support/Behavioral Toolbox for Teachers, Administrators and Staff.
    This training is meant to provide specific techniques and interventions which focus on broad and individual levels of the PBS model (Ex. School wide, campus wide, classroom and individual based interventions). The core team is not required to attend this training.
    The Behavior Toolbox course was added to provide sequenced instructional materials that will build the capacity of administrators, educators, interventionists, and therapists in meeting the needs of young children with challenging behavior. The training materials address applying PBS within the real-world settings of community, preschool and home. The curriculum moves from the development of a support plan to presenting content on how to implement the behavior support plan in natural environments and support the child in learning new skills.”
    Why should staff consider attending both the TBSI and Behavioral Toolbox courses?
    It will provide participants with a much more rounded understanding of the form and function of the P.B.S. process.