• Crisis Prevention Institute Training Options

    Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Training (Expanded) 

    The Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Expanded training program is a holistic behavior management system based on the philosophy of providing the best Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security for staff and those in their care, even during the most violent moments. The program focuses on preventing disruptive behavior by communicating with individuals respectfully and with concern for their well-being. The program teaches physical interventions only as a last resort when an individual presents an imminent danger to self or others and all physical interventions taught are designed to be non-harmful, noninvasive, and to maintain the individual's dignity. Follow-up debriefing strategies are also key components of the training program.




    Prerequisite: None

    Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Refresher Course

    Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Refresher course is a safe, non-harmful behavior management system designed to help human service workers provide for the best possible care and welfare of assaultive, disruptive, or out-of-control persons even during the most violent moments. During this training, individuals will be provided with an array of positive behavior techniques that can be utilized during crisis situations.

    **Please be aware that participants will no longer be issued "Blue Cards" for CPI courses. Those who enroll and successfully complete the course are now able to print certificates of completion directly through Eduphoria.




    You must have attended a CPI training in the previous school year.

    Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Hybrid Course

    ***This course meets the requirements for individuals that require renewal or an initial full course training.
    The Crisis Prevention Institute Hybrid training course consists of both online and face-to-face training components.
    FIRST TIME participants of the CPI hybrid program will be required to complete all online modules and pass section quizzes prior to attending the face-to-face portion of this course. Once you have registered via Eduphoria, you will be sent a link to access the online modules through the CPI website.
    Completion of the online modules prior to the face-to-face training.
    After school and campus-based training
    After school and campus-based training can be scheduled, but please be aware that dates are very limited.
    Training sessions are limited to 25 participants (this limit is set by the CPI corporation and not by the instructors). We must also have a minimum of 10 staff signed up to schedule an after school training. 
    The training utilize the Hybrid CPI method, which includes both online and face to face components. The online portion generally take participants 4-6 hours to complete (See hybrid description above).
    The face-to-face portion is a total of 4 hours. It is a review of the core CPI content, an opportunity for problem solving of scenarios, clarification of CPI concepts and model and practice of physical techniques. The physicals are taught on day two or during the final 2 hours of course.  
    For after school training, the face to face portions are set from 4-6 p.m. over two separate days.
    Contact Stephen Rousseau at srousseau@dentonisd.org with questions or for training date availability.