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    Calhoun Cougar's
    2017-2018 7th & 8th Grade
    Football Schedules

    Game Times:

    B Team  6:00 PM

    A Team: Eight (8) minutes after the end of the B Team game  7:30pm

    Halftimes: Six (6) minutes for A & B Team games


    Other arrangements may be made if mutually agreed upon by the district(s) administration


    Admission:    Adults $4.00   Students $2.00      


     7th & 8th Grade Football Schedule 2018


    7th Grade

    Monday: Game day report at 6:45am

    Tuesday: Report at 6:45am for practice

    Wednesday: No Morning Practice, report 1st period

    Thursday: Report at 6:45am for practice

    Friday: Report at 6:45am for practice


    8th Grade

    Monday: 8th period to 4:30pm

    Tuesday: Game day

    Wednesday: No Afternoon practice

    Thursday: 8th period to 4:30 practice

    Friday: 8th Period to 4:30pm