• ID# Session Title Presenter
    101 50+ Uses for a Document Camera in the Classroom Noel Hill
    102 "Print, Cut, and Fold" using nothing but PowerPoint       Kevin Brown
    103 Teaching through Technology
    Melissa Patterson          
    co-Lisa O'Rear
    104 The 3 P's: Projectors, Printers and Peripherals
    Mary Davis                     
    co-Garrett Chandler         
    co-Chris Garcia
    105 Using Mobi for TAKS questions Frank Hummel
    106 Aware Training for Administrators Lyneille Meza
    107 Aware Training for Teachers Lyneille Meza 
    108 Head'em up Move'em Out Rawhide
    Sandi Schwartz              
    co-Charlene Turnipseed
    109 Photoshop for Teachers
    Dena Wilson                  
    co-Will Milne
    110 Electronic Portfolios Demeatrice Peters
    111 Going Paperless with Adobe Pro David Summar
    112 Podcasting: the How-to's and the What-now's David Summar
    113 Life After Death by PowerPoint Chris Shade
    114 Ebsco Database Training  K-5 Ebsco 
    115 Ebsco Database Training 6-12 Ebsco 
    116 A Summer Trip with Google Earth Scott Jacobsen
    117 Rubrics, Tests abnd Worksheets, Oh My! Lisa Hardy
    118 Razzle Dazzle your Students Through Art and Technology
    Nancy Walkup               
    co-Denise Clyne-Ruch
    119 Like Atari to Zune…We'll Bring you from A to Z! Elizabeth Bostic             co-Tyisha Fletcher         co-Jennifer thomas
    120 Tips and Tricks on Excel Karen Crozier
    121 Interwrite Mobi in the Classroom Elsa Holm
    122 Using Blogs in the HS English Classroom
    Jennifer Phillips             
    co-Hollye Knox             
    123 Teaching Books Webinar Elementary Donna Kearley
    124 More than a Staff Page Phillip Snow
    125 Live@edu Barbara Chung
    126 vendors
    127 Building Vocabulary for Multiple Learning Styles Sarah Hustwit
    128 Spice Up Your Web Page with Web 2.0 Tools Patty Windsor
    129 NetTrekker Database Webinar  secondary Donna Kearley
    130 NetTrekker Database Webinar elementary Donna Kearley
    131 Simplify Your Life with Photostory Carol Richmond
    132 Excel: The Basics and Beyond Carol Richmond
    133 Animal Adaptation Using Stop Animation
    Leslie Seavey                 
    co-Heather White        
    co-Ivey Carey
    134 Technology Aids and Ideas for the Classroom Teacher Carol Hinkle
    135 PhotoStory Tricia Brown
    136 Starting an Elementary Video Production Class Amber McElveen
    137 Once Upon a Time in the Magical Land of Photostory Holli Rice                         co-Candise Morris   
    138 Ellis Software
    Maria Dudash                
    co-Anna DeLeon
    139 Synergy: CPS, Examview and Gradespeed Jonathan Newman
    140 Enabling 21st Century Science Education Gary Nicholson 
    141 Technology-Nuts and Bolts
    Lori Ellis                           co-B.J. Rainey                
    co-Valarie Holman
    142 Don't Get in a Rut: Stay in Touch
    Elisha Ellsworth             
    co-Graham Walden      
    co-Minecha Andry
    143 Teach Movie Maker to Students Michael Guynes
    144 Interactive Technologies for Formative and Summative Assessment Jacob Eckber
    145 What is Moodle? Rich  Lewis
    146 Digital Photo Fram Fernzy
    Sherry Brandt                
    co-Kim Johnson
    147 "Excel"ent Math Lessons Tosha Hoefert
    148 Create Your Own Audio Book Library Using Audacity Jason Fielder
    149 Around the World with worldandischool.com
    Wendy Marsh                
    co- Sherri Orr
    150 Glencoe/McGraw Hill: Diyanni AP Literature Staff Dev. Kyle Koon                                co- Sandy Gifford 
    151 Walk the Graph
    Shannon Flanagan         
    co- Chandra Tacktor
    152 Web 2.0 Applications for Classroom Use Part 1 Sherrie Orr
    153 Web 2.0 Applications for Classroom Use Part 2 Sherrie Orr
    154 Movie Maker Magic
    Sandy Noles                   
    co-Anna Modrow
    155 HMH LA  K-5 Adoption Technology Focus HMH trainer 
    156 Dinosaurs to Natives Developing Literacy Using Web-based Media Heather Cato
    157 Teaching Books Webinar secondary Donna Kearley
    158 Wovel Your Wiki Bonnie McCormick
    159 Using Cameras in the Classroom Ronnie Yeatts
    160 Using Web 2.0 tools in the Classroom Ronnie Yeatts
    161 Kid's Infobits  K-2 Tammy McGee 
    162 To Gale or Not to Gale Tammy McGee 
    163 Wikis and Research Debbie Andrews
    164 Barbara Chung
    165 The Ribbons of Office 2007 Trista Zonker
    166 Using Primary source Materials Library of Congress Robin Gunter
    167 Rockin' with Schoolwires Nate  Tandberg
    Starting a Robotics Program in your School
    Becky Gonzales             
    co-Mandy Nabors         co-Carol Richmond
    169 Come to the iTunes University! Phyllis Tucker