• Unified Voice Messaging System

    Q: How do I reset my voice mail PIN?
    A: You will need to submit a Heat ticket to have your voicemail PIN reset.
    Q: How do I go directly to someone's voice mail to leave a message?
    A: Press ## and the last four digits of their extension
    Q: My voice mail light is on, but when I check my voice mail it says I have no new messages
    A: Dial 5698 to turn the voice mail light off
    Q: I have a voice mail in my email but the light on the phone is not on
    A: Your email and voicemail are no longer connected. Most extensions are set so that the voice messages no longer go to the phone so the red light will no longer come on. If you want your voice messages to also go to the phone and the red light to function, you will need to submit a Heat ticket requesting the messages also go to your phone. If you do this you will have to delete your messages from the phone as well as from your email.
    Q: Are there instructions on how to use voice mail?
    A: Yes, click the link for voice access directions Voice Access