Information for Extracurricular Activity Trips

  • Extracurricular Trip Procedures for Sponsors

    Requests for extracurricular/athletic trips are to be initiated 8 weeks prior to the commitment. Field trip requests may be processed at any time before the 8 week-period.

    Trips are to be scheduled between the hours of 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to avoid conflicts with morning and afternoon bus routes.
    • All non-athletic field trips require a purchase order number.
    • Non-district groups, funding DISD field trips, must make direct payment to the campus/program.
    • A campus/program that initiates a trip request servicing two or more campuses/programs must contact the DISD Purchasing Office to process a purchase order. Only one purchase order is authorized for campuses/programs that are sharing the costs of a trip.
    All campuses/programs will utilize the district’s on-line “WebTrips System” to process field trip requests.
    • Instructions on how to use the WebTrips System are located here.
    • Teachers and sponsors will enter trip requests online.
    • The principal will approve or deny the on-line trip request. Each trip request will specify the funding source/account to pay for the trip.
    • The secretary responsible for processing of the trip purchase order will receive the on-line trip request and shall enter the trip information into the purchasing system to obtain the trip purchase order.
    • The Purchasing Office will process and forward the trip purchase order to the appropriate Assistant Superintendent for Academic Programs for approval.
    • The Assistant Superintendent for Academic Programs shall route the approved purchase order to DISD Transportation and to the campus/program secretary who initiated the purchase order.
    • The secretary will receive the approved purchase order and enter the actual PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER on the online trip request for the specified trip. The secretary will submit the completed trip request to the Transportation Department for final processing and scheduling. Trip Requests that do not have a purchase order number will not be processed or scheduled.
    • The sponsor/campus shall notify DISD Transportation as soon as possible if there are changes in trip schedule or cancellation. Transportation shall be notified at least two business days in advance of a cancellation.
    • Trip requests that do not conform to the district’s established trip request timeline (at least 8 weeks prior to commitment) will be classified as a “Late Trip Request.” Late trip request require the approval of the Director of Transportation or his designee. Approval will be based on the department’s ability to schedule and service the late trip request.
    • The trip sponsor will provide for admission, meals and lodging for DISD driver staff when same is provided for group. Driver staff will be provided with separate lodging on overnight extracurricular trips. No driver is to be quartered with a sponsor or students.
    • The trip sponsor is responsible for ensuring that all bus safety policies and procedures are being followed by students at all times. 
    • There is to be absolutely no eating or drinking on Denton ISD buses.  Water is the only permissible exception.