• Makerspace Hits McMath!

    The library is asking for Makerspace donations to add to what we already have. We especially want Legos and other building materials – Lincoln Logs, Erector sets, Kinex, etc. Scrap cardboard, shoe boxes, tiles for tessellations, and mosaics. Puzzles, craft items, scrapbooking scraps, abandoned art projects, circuitry, tools, art supplies, colored tissue paper, origami paper, crochet hooks, knitting needles, needles for sewing & thread, games – let your imagination run wild! I would also accept boxes – preferably clear – for storing these various items. We will happily accept donations to get our Makerspace up and running... the sky is the limit! Please contact amodrow@dentonisd.org if you would like to be involved in this exciting new project. Thank you! 

Last Modified on September 15, 2022