American Revolution
    Washington Crossing the Delaware
    Washington crosses the Delaware

    Compiled below are some links that should be helpful to you. Make sure that you scroll down to see all of them.


    Here's the link for the American Revolution in the Compton's Encyclopdedia which is the middle school encyclopedia:




    Here is the Britannica link for The American Revolution:




    Notice all of the links under "Expand your Research" on the right and the "Table of contents on the left. You can also look at the blue tabs(Britanica) and Green Tabs (Comptons) and e-mail the articles, cite them, print them or just print a page. Under "Contents Related to the Topic" on the left you will find maps and flags and related articles (in Britannica) and If you scroll to the bottom there is a full citation in MLA and APA style for the page.


    There are also many links within the article.


    Here is the Nettrekker link to the Revolution and all of it's aspects:




    Here is the Facts on File Link:


    Facts on File  Click on the American History button then type in American Revolution in the search bar for many primary sources, magazine articles, maps and images.User Name: mcmath Password: tigers


    Here is a link in EBSCO host to the Revolutionary primary resource documents in the Student research center: Click "Login Again"





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