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    Anna Modrow, Librarian           

    I.D. Badges:

    ID badges must be worn at all times.

    Students should purchase a replacement ID by 10:30. IDs will not be printed after that time. If they cannot afford an ID, they must go to the office for a sticker.

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    Plastic badge covers are in the library. Our covers are strong and secure the ID inside. Any badge cover is a good idea, because the hole of the hard plastic ID breaks easily. Soon you have no ID, and no idea where it went! Cheaper badge covers are available at local stores and we’re happy to share that information with you.

    LOST BOOK?? Look over this list and search ALL of these places. You may save yourself a lot of money! 
    New Students?? Please watch the Videos and Power Point below to learn about our school. Thank you! 
     Library Pet Peeves!      Book Abuser       Orientation       Tiger Movie
                                            BookCare Scare                      Student Orientation                 What makes a Tiger? 
    NEW!  Book Club information
    Book Club meets at least once a month. We gather in the library during lunch time to discuss books, share book trailers, and eat our lunch. Sometimes, we hold "specialized" book club meetings around a popular book. This year, I'll be asking the kids what titles we think are likely to get a lot of attention.
    Library Hours:
    Open to students: 7:45am – 3:45pm* 
    7:45-8:15 - Morning Library pass required - 3:35-3:45 -No pass needed.
    *(Library can be closed at discretion of administration.)

    Open checkout all day - Exceptions for testing, meetings, etc. 

    General Expectations:
    All patrons of the library are expected to:
    • Respect Privacy -- Just take care of your own business. Be courteous of others by allowing them their privacy. 
    • Respect Property -- Includes the property of the school, the library, and others.
    • Respect Ownership -- Not only of physical property, but intellectual property, too. In other words, cite your sources; give credit to the creator of the information!
    • Respect Others and the Law -- See above. This summarizes the rest.
    You must have a valid ID to check out books or use computers. A valid ID is an ID in which the picture, student name, and barcode are clearly visible. Students may check out up to four books at a time, for 2 weeks. One renewal is allowed for an additional 2 weeks. Exceptions are made when books are needed for school assignments. Hint: Renew when offered.
    Magazines are checked out for 1 night only, and only one magazine at a time. Magazines should be returned the following morning, placed on the circulation desk, or in a library employee’s hand. Please do NOT place magazines in the book drop.
    Lost items:

    If an item is lost or damaged beyond use, the student must pay the cost to replace the item. This can be done in increments if they are unable to pay all at once. If a lost item is paid for, and it returns to the library in good condition BEFORE the close of the fiscal year in June, we will refund the money paid. (the refund process is very slow, so please really try to locate the book before paying.

     LOST BOOK?? Look over this list and search ALL of these places. You may save yourself a lot of money! 
Last Modified on October 16, 2020