• Online Magazines
    American Girl    Pleasant Company"s online magazine. See what"s new with Samantha, Felicity, Molly, Josephina, Addie, Kit and the rest. 
    Cable in the Classroom  Our cable channel magazine for the cable channels we get at school through Charter Cable.
    Discover   Medicine, Space, Technology, Archeology, The Mind and Brain
    Dragonfly   Project Dragonfly provides children with opportunities for inquiry based learning. Fun games, articles, stories, etc...
    Electronic School   Electronic School, an award-winning technology magazine for K-12 school leaders,
    The History Net   Where History lives on the Web!!
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    Horse Illustrated   For Horse lovers.
    Justine   A magazine for teens, real teens, just teens with tons of info. about style, books megawatt music and movies, gadgets, giveaways and more.
    Kodak   Photography
    Merridian   Merridian is an electronic journal dedicated to research and practice of computer technology in middle school classrooms
    New Moon      Fiction, poetry, artwork and letters; Science experiments and cartoons; Award-winning articles about the lives of girls and women around the globe; Six Parents Choice Gold Awards; An excellent tool for teachers, homeschoolers, and girls" group leaders; Free learning activities and curriculum.
    Newsweek   Current Events, News Magazine
    Popular Mechanics   Science, Technology, Home, Automotive, Outdoors.
    Random House Books and Magazines for young adults and adults
    Random House Kids Books and Magazines for kids
    Riverdeep   Stories for Students
    Scholastic Instructor   A magazine for teachers, includes websites, curriculum ideas, lesson plans, etc...
    Scholastic News   Keep up with the latest news on Scholastic News Online. New stories each weekday. Breaking news when it happens.
    Science News    Featuring Best Science Sites on the Web
    Scientific American   The latest science news and science articles.
    Science Daily   Your source for the latest science new and breakthroughs. Updated daily.
    Smithsonian Magazine   Explore Art, Science, Technology, Trave, Nature, Wildlife, People, Culture and History
    Tech Learning   Technology and Learning
    Time  News magazine and current events
    US News and World Report   News magazine and current events
    Wigged Productions   For you ART lovers out there Wigged Productions is dedicated to making new and innovative art more accessible through broadcast and online presentations.


Last Modified on November 20, 2015