• Volleyball Practice Schedule
    7th Grade:
    Practice for the A and B teams begins promptly at 7:00 am. The side doors, where bus riders are dropped off, are opened at 6:45 am for athletes to enter the locker room, put their bags in their lockers, and prepare for volleyball practice. For the safety of our school and athletes, the side doors are locked at 7:00 am. Please arrive before then to ensure your entrance into the building and prompt attendance for volleyball practice. At 8:00 am athletes will then transition from volleyball practice to athletic training (running, lifting weights, ACL, etc.) until approximately 8:25. Once the athletic training is complete we will continue practice from 8:25 until the end of 1st period.
    C team practice begins at 7:45 am. The C team will complete the athletic training workout with the A and B teams and then begin volleyball practice at 8:25 am.
    In order to maximize practice time and training 7th grade athletes will have approximately 4-7 minutes to get dressed for 2nd period.
    8th Grade:
    Seventh period athletics begins at 2:35 pm. Athletes will come into the locker room, put their school stuff in their lockers, and prepare for athletic training. Athletes are expected to be on the gym floor ready to stretch at 2:40. Training will be throughout the class period, until approximately 3:15 pm. For those athletes who are on the volleyball team, you will have a chance to get a drink, grab your knee pads, and be back in the gym ready for practice at 3:25 pm. Volleyball practice will last until 5:00 pm. Please arrange to have your athlete picked up by 5:15 pm.