RED ALERT - Act Now!!

    PLEASE call your legislator TODAY and urge them to support the Senate’s version of the budget and ask that they communicate support for the Senate version of the budget to the conferees. 

    If you wish to contact the House and Senate Conferees directly, their phone numbers are listed below.


    Conference Committee

    House Conferees

    Representative Jim Pitts, Chair: 1-512-0516

    Representative Myra Crownover: 1-512-463-0582

    Representative John Otto: 1-512-463-0570

    Representative Sylvester Turner: 1-512-463-0554

    Representative John Zerwas: 1-512-463-0657


    Senate Conferees

    Senator Steve Ogden, Chair: 1-512-463-0105

    Senator Robert Duncan: 1-512-463-0128

    Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa: 1-512-463-0120

    Senator Jane Nelson: 1-512-0112

    Senator Tommy Williams: 1-512-463-0104

Last Modified on May 17, 2011