• Parent Survival Guide

    1.         Check your child’s agenda every day.

    -         Students write “Classwork (CW)” and “Homework (HW)” for each class every day.

    -         Check the agenda so you can when assignments are due, test dates so you can help them study (and ask them how their test went), and to show that you are interested in their school work.

    -         When students see that parents are interested in their work, it makes them want to work even harder! J


    2.      Check Teacher’s Websites.

    -         The teachers put assignments and test dates on their websites

    -         You can compare your child’s agenda with the teacher’s websites to makesure they are writing down the assignments intheir agenda correctly.

    -         Email the teacher if you have a question or a concern.

    -         Communication with the teachers is a Great way to help your child stay on the path to success!


    3.      Student needs to bring home their math binder every day.

    -         You can sign the Parent Page or Assignment page to show the teacher that the assignment was completed at home, or if you have any questions about an assignment.


    4.      Parent Connection (check grades online).

    -         Go to /site/Default.aspx?PageID=14755


    -         Go to the McMath Middle School website, click on “For Parents” tab at the top, click on Parent Connection, and register to see your child’s grades online.


    5.      Tutoring is offered daily in the mornings and after school on Thursdays.


    6.      Help students stay organized by cleaning out backpacks, binders and lockers 1-3 times a month.

Last Modified on June 18, 2018