• Supplies


    Students in my classes (8th Grade & Algebra) will need single-subject spiral notebooks that are separate from other classes.   Since we take notes and do practice problems almost every day, they will need several before the year is over! 
    Students will also need a supply of notebook paper.  This is for assignments that are to be turned in separately.
    PENCILS! PENCILS! PENCILS! All work is to be done in pencil.  Therefore they will need a supply of pencils.  Notes taken in their notebook may be written in black or blue ink, but all work/tests turned in for a grade must be in pencil. Students will also need some red pens for checking homework, and for making corrections.
    A pocket folder is required.  When I pass back homework, quizzes, tests - these should be kept in one place, as well as any handouts/notes I give them.
    Students always ask about calculators. This year, all 8th graders will be trained on and will use graphing calculators.  Please do not feel that you need to purchase an expensive calculator.  We will provide them for the students.
Last Modified on August 12, 2018