• The National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
    The NTDAH can provide positive encouragement and guidance that teens need to respond to challenges facing them today. Phones are answered 24 hours a day.
    Example:  The Issue of "Sexting"
    The Texas State Attorney General has released a report stating:
    "Young Texans should never send a revealing or explicit picture of themselves. Once an image has been sent it cannot be controlled. A single instance of bad judgement can lead to long-term regret, embarrassment or worse. Anyone who possesses sexually suggestive pictures of a minor faces criminal investigation and up to 10 years in prison."  "No teenager should succumb to peer pressure and be convinced that sexting is harmless or okay. It is not. When you are young, it is sometimes hard to understand the lasting implications of your actions, but the NTDAH can provide our children with the positve encouragement and guidance they need to respond to these challenges.