•  INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY COUNSELING: We do brief individual and family counseling as needed. Students may refer themselves or they may be referred by a teacher, administrator or parent. Parents may drop in or call for an appointment.
    • GROUP COUNSELING: Each counselor has several groups that meet once a week each semester during elective periods. These grade level small groups consist of 4 - 6 students with a common concern.
    • CLASSROOM GUIDANCE: Each counselor visits their grade level teams twice a semester with guidance lessons concerning academic, social and emotional issues.
    • TEAM MEETINGS: We meet with each team once a week to discuss student and teacher concerns.
    • COURSE REGISTRATION:  In the spring, we visit each of our feeder elementary schools to explain the course selections to our incoming 6the graders. We also work with the high school counselors to register our 8th graders for their 9th grade courses. In addition, we register our returning students for the following year’s courses. 
    • DUKE TIP: Duke University sponsors an annual talent search aimed at 7th grade students scoring at or above the 97th percentile on TAKS. The 7th grade counselor identifies these students and gives them the information needed to apply for the SAT or ACT test.
    • COMMUNITY REFERRALS: The counselors refer students and families to the appropriate community resources as needed.
Last Modified on August 1, 2012