Volunteer Activities & Involvement

  • As a school volunteer, you become a part of the educational team of the Denton Independent School District and contribute to the success of young people in the community.


    Volunteers may help in the classroom by:

    • Mentoring/tutoring students
    • Listening to students read or reading to students
    • Leading instructional games
    • Setting up science projects and assisting with labs
    • Assisting with a school club, organization or booster club
    • Assisting in the library 


    Volunteers may help in the office or workroom by:

    • Copying materials or laminating teaching materials
    • Entering computer data
    • Answering the phone or making phone calls to verify student absences 


    Volunteers may help at home by:

    • Making instructional materials as instructed by teachers 
    • Pulling resource information off the Internet 


    Volunteers may also help by:

    • Speaking to classes about careers or other topics
    • Chaperoning school-sponsored activities
    • Assisting with special events, class parties, etc.
    • Handing out or soliciting rewards to honor roll students
    • Assisting school nurses
    • Assisting yearbook book staffs or PTA groups 
    • Serving as a judge at an academic contest 



    • To utilize the talents of individuals within the regular school program
    • To provide greater educational opportunities and services for students


    Volunteers directly enhance the relationship between the school, home and community. Parent volunteers strengthen their ties with their children's school. Community volunteers and mentors provide a bond between the student and a respected adult. Volunteers also have a tremendous impact on the overall success of the educational system. They allow teachers and staff more time for instruction. They also provide a chance for students to have one-on-one learning.