• Hodge Library Policies and Procedures



    Enter the library quietly.           

    Listen to and follow directions.

    Respect the rights of others.

    Be responsible with our library books.

    Return the books on time.**


    Line up and exit the library quietly. 


    **If a book is needed longer, please bring it to the librarian for a new due date.  If books are lost or ruined, they will need to be paid in full before you may get another book.  We NEVER charge a late fine for overdue books.  Notices for overdue books will be handed out regularly as REMINDERS of what books are due back to the library.  The price on this sheet of paper is only to tell you what the book costs IF it is lost or ruined. (Books found & returned in good condition – you get your money back)

    Line up and exit the library quietly.



Last Modified on September 27, 2007