• Denton County Courthouse History

    The first true courthouse was built in Old Alton. It was a small cabin. Before that time court was held under a tree at Pickneyville.



    The first courthouse was built on the north side of the square in Denton at 108 W. Oak Street.  It was a two-story wood building.


    December 24, 1875

    The first courthouse burned down.


    1877 The second courthouse was built in the center of the square. second courthouse

    The second courthouse was struck by lightning.



    The second courthouse was unsafe and torn down.


    1895 The third courthouse was built in the same spot as the second courthouse.  It was used until 1997.  It is now museum. third courthouse




    The fourth courthouse was built on McKinney Street and is used today to house the courts of Denton.


    new courthouse