• Denton's Elected Public Officials

    City governments have three parts.

     A mayor leads a city.

    A City Council passes new laws for cities.

    Courts decide what laws mean.

    City Government

    Mayor Burroughs
    The mayor is the leader of the city government. The mayor is elected by the citizens of the city.

    He talks to citizens about ideas to make the city better.

    The mayor of Denton, Texas is Mark Burroughs.

    City Council members hold regular meetings to take care of the needs of the city, make laws, and decide how the city money will be spent.

    The City Council is made up of people elected from different parts of the city.

    Denton has seven City Council members.

    Courts decide what laws mean. A judge is elected to be the leader in the court.

    Courts resolve problems between people or decide if a person is guilty of a crime.