• Landmarks of Denton

    Denton County Courthouse


    The Denton County Courthouse is located in Denton’s downtown square.  It is one of the oldest symbols of Denton.  It was built in 1896, but is now a museum.  


    Denton Public Library

    The library is the place where you can do more than just read and check out books. You can do research, take computer classes, and even come for Storytime.

    There are three library locations in Denton. The North Branch Library is on Locust Street, the Emily Fowler Central Library is on Oakland Street, and the South Branch Library is on Teasley.


    library logo

    Denton City Hall

    The mayor, City Council, and other city workers have offices at the City Hall.


    city hall
    Denton Parks

    There are 28 parks, open spaces, and hundreds of acres of yet-to-be-developed land designated for parks.

    Click here for an interactive map of Denton parks.

    Click here to print a map of Denton parks.


    Denton Water Park and Natatorium

    Denton Water Works is a fun place for the whole family. You can ride a water slide or float on the flowing river. You can also just sit back and watch the fun. The Water Park is open during the warm seasons, but the Natatorium is open all year. At the Natatorium you can swim indoors and also take swimming and exercise classes.


    water park

    Golden Triangle Mall

    The mall is located at Loop 288 and Interstate 35 in the southern part of Denton. There are many stores to shop at including Macy's, Dillard's, Sears, and Barnes and Noble bookstore.


    Goldent Triangle Mall

    Texas Women’s University (TWU)

    This college was established in 1901 as The Girls Industrial College. The name was changed to TWU in 1957. Men have been admitted to TWU since 1972.



    University of North Texas (UNT)

    UNT was founded in 1890 as The Texas Normal College. The name of the university has changed six times.  Through the years UNT has awarded more than 187,000 college degrees.  The football team is known as the "Mean Green."



    Lee Elementary School

    In 1884 Denton opened it’s first public school campus of what is today known as Robert E. Lee Elementary. Since its opening, it has been through many ups and downs including burning to the ground in 1908.

    The school has been in many different locations through the years. In the 1970s a building was built where Lee is now located. In 2005 the newest building was completed which is used by the students today. The school has met the needs of many students through the years.