• Donations
    Brick pathways You can always purchase a brick for the pathways of McNair's Environmental Learning Area, as seen to the right, in honor or memory of someone you love. Additionally, if you would like to give a gift to the ELA, please click this link to donate.
    The McNair ELA Garden Committee writes grants every year in hope of receiving funds to maintain and further develop ELA. We have received several grants from the Denton Public School Foundation, which were used to put crushed granite on the pathways around the garden. Parents and students shoveled the granite into wheelbarrows and laid it themselves. The DPSF's grants funding also allowed the raised beds to continue.

    We also received many grants from Keep Denton Beautiful to provide mulch to protect the plants from insects and drying out. We also purchased more plants and rain barrels, and we are also trying to attract more butterflies to ELA.
    So many parents, families and community support workers have donated time and energy to watering and maintaining the garden through the hot summers. We look forward to seeing what more we can do and learn this school year!