Pecan Creek Spirit Squad

    Are you interested in joining the Pecan Creek Spirit Squad? 

    This squad is a group of Kindergarten through 5th grade students that

    love to have fun, perform for others, dance, and be a role model for our school.


    Team Member Behavior:

    Does your child:

    *Show characteristics of a role model?

    *Work cooperatively with others?

    *Listen well to instructions?

    *Follow directions at all times while at Pecan Creek?

    *Complete their class work and homework in a responsible manner?

    *Show patience when working with other students?

    *Not frustrate easily during a difficult task?

    *Gain confidence from their accomplishments without immediate praise?

    If you answered yes, then Spirit Squad is the organization for them. 


    Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Pecan Creek Spirit Squad is to promote the sport of dance for boys and girls, to create a positive environment for students, to enhance self-confidence, and to reach individual and team goals.  Members of this Spirit Squad should understand that they are role models of Pecan Creek and Denton Independent School District and must conduct themselves to positively reflect the school and community.  Therefore, it is an honor and privilege to be called a PC Spirit Squad Member.  We will not only focus on dance and performing skills, but on characteristic qualities that are standard for being such a representative of Pecan Creek and Denton ISD. 



    1.      Being lawful and following the adult rules, family rules, and school rules. 

    2.     Observing classroom, school, and playground rules.

    3.     Doing what is right!

    4.     Being helpful, kind, a good student, and a hard worker. 



    *Consistently well behaved at all times (Demonstrates Self-Control)

    *Responsible and Dependable Student

    *Respect for self and others

    *Students must not fail any class

    *Trustworthy and Honest Character (One who strives to be a role model for our school)


Last Modified on July 31, 2017