•  Websites that are fun AND educational!
    Literacy Skills 

     1STARFALL (Practice letter recognition, sound correspondence and emergent reading skills!) 
    1  SPIDER GAME (Letter hunt on keyboard to practice typing skills)
    Math Skills

    1  TRAIN BUILDER (Design and build your own train track!)
    1 MEMORY(Develop memory by flipping the cards to find matching pairs) 
    1 FARM MATH (Practice adding by counting the number of chicks)

    1ANIMAL TRACKS (Match the tracks to the correct animal!)
    1 PICK UP LITTER! (Sort the trash to help the environment)
    1 ANIMAL PARTS(Match each body part to the correct animal)
    Social Studies 

    1 THANKSGIVING (Take a ride on the Mayflower and tour the ship the Pilgrims sailed on)

    (I use this site to make custom writing pages.  You can type words or letters that your child needs practice with and print out your own worksheets!  ~ No numerals, though) 

    Parents, please moitor your child anytime he or she is using the Internet!