Take a peek at what we have been learning!


    Social Studies
    & Units of Study
    President's Day: We are learning about two important presidents found on our pocket money, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, to add to our classroom timeline.
    Poetry Notebook:
    We are working on our "ABC Songs" book.  Remember to keep your child's poetry books where they are easily accessible to your child!
    Writing skills:
    Your child should now be able to hear multiple sounds in each word and using punctuation such as periods and question marks.
    We have learned the correct lowercase stroke for letters A-P! Practice correct letter stroke for these lowercase letters at home.  Visit the handwriting link on the website tab for help making individualized worksheets.
    Math Concepts
    We are learning to tell time to the hour on an analog clock.
    We are comparing lengths of objects using unifex cubes as a non-standard measurement.  
    We are identifying the attributes of the quarter, dime, nickel and penny. 
    Science & Discovery 1
    We are observing our new fish aquarium.  The students are learning the body parts of our class fish.  Students also wondered if these fish came from the ocean, so we have been learning about ocean animals, too, and discovered that only certain types of fish can live in the salty water of the ocean.
    We are learning about our solar system.  During a discussion about needing to take care of our planet, the students wondered if we could live on another planet if earth became too polluted.  To find out, we have been reading about the other 8 planets and have several solar system models to manipulate in the science center.  Students quickly decided that earth is a much better home for people!
    Learning Centers
    Science = NEW marble tower and solar system model!
    Puzzles = NEW solar system puzzles!
    Sand = NEW water has replaced sand in the table this week!
    Dramatic Play = NEW Veteranarian office or pet store... let  your imagination decide! 
    Writing = Letter writing to peers and teachers for our classroom mailbox
    Math = Discovery with pattern objects and manipulatives
    Reading = Our library is organized by genre and author
    Building = Blocks, tools and books make any structure possible
    Listening = Modeling fluency and book language.
    Wizard Work = Independent practice at literacy and math skills
    Art = Watercolors, colored paper, crayons, chalk, crinkle scissors are available to little artists!
    Playdoh = Letter stamps build word skills as playdoh strengthens fine motor development
    Week of: February 19-22