• Every year, we have parents come to us wondering what it is their child needs to know to be ready for kindergarten.  So, we have put our Kinder Brains together and came up with the most important things needed to be prepared for W.S. Ryan Elementary kindergarten.  

          -  Recognize all 26 capital and lowercase letters.
          -  Give the sound or a word for each letter of the alphabet.
         -  Writetheir first name using a capital letter at the beginning and the rest lowercase 
             letters, for example, Arel, not AREL.
          -  Experience in cutting with scissors.  Please make sure that your child has practiced 
             at home cutting lines or pictures. 
       Glue practice

          -  Good bathroom habits:  Please work with your child to make sure they can go to the 
             bathroom independently.  Be aware of the clothes that you send them to school in; if 
             they need help at home, they will need help in the classroom. i.e. buckles, belts, 
             overall buckles.

          -  Identify and write numbers 0-20

          -  Count 32 objects aloud

          -  Sharing experience

          -  Ready to have fun!!

Last Modified on December 28, 2012