• Procedures and Policies
    1 book per week
    1st Grade:                                                                                                      
    1 book per week
    2nd Grade:
    1 book per week
    3rd Grade:
    2 books per week 
    4th Grade:
    2 books per week 
    5th Grade:
    3 books per week
    I Pick    
     arrow  How do I know if it's the right book for me?
    Lost Books
    Fines:  There is no charge for overdue books. 
    Damages: If a book is damaged and can be repaired, there is no charge.  Students who damage books beyond the point of repair will be charged for the replacement. 
    Lost Books: Students who lose a book will be charged for a replacement.    
    How can I pay for a lost or damaged book?
    • You may pay with cash or check.
    • Students can come in during their lunch or recess to work off what is owed.
    • You may purchase a new copy of the same title for the library. (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, etc.)