Second Grade

    ·        Teachers:  The 2nd Grade team of teachers is a PLC (Professional Learning Community).  We are committed to working together to achieve our collective goals.  We develop a collaborative culture with our students through the development of high-performing teams.  We are excited to implement team teaching in 4 of the 5 classrooms this year.


    ·        Rules:  An effective classroom-learning environment is dependent on the behavior of all students.  To provide this environment, students are expected to follow the rules and procedures of the classroom.  You will find school wide policies in the Hawk Family Handbook.


    ·        Language Arts:  The more children read, the better readers and writers they will become.  Reading at home is an integral part of their development as a reader.  It is recommended that students read 60-100 minutes per week outside of school.  A reading assessment will be given at the beginning, middle, and end of the year.  Writing is a process that develops throughout the year.
     ·        Math:  We use the program Bridges in Mathematics to guide students through their math lessons.  This curriculum emphasizes learning through discovery.
     Science:  Science lessons are inquiry based.  Students will experience a wealth of experiments and will be using the Scientific Method regularly.  
          ·        Social Studies:  Social Studies lessons will peak students’ curiosity as we study the world around us and its history.

    Tutorials:  Second grade will have tutorials throughout the year that are integrated into their daily schedule. Your child may rotate to different classes and learn from any of the second grade teachers based on the student's individual needs.

    Homework: Please check your child's daily folder for homework assignments. Homework will be assigned to individual students as needed. Further information regarding regular homework procedures will be sent to you from your child's teacher.
    • Arrival: Students arriving prior to the 7:35 bell will be seated in the cafeteria.  Students are considered tardy after the 7:40 bell.


    •  Dismissal:  Dismissal begins at 3:05. Bus students will be escorted to and dismissed from the front of the building.  Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed from the back of the 2nd grade hall.  Parent  car tag pickup will take place outside the cafeteria.  Students will wait in groups according to their car tag number.  Teachers will be helping students into cars.  Please exercise extreme caution and patience as we load children.  Each student's safety is our top priority.


    •  Absences:  A written note, including the date, reason, and signature, is required in order to excuse an absence.  Phone calls and emails are appreciated, but will not be accepted in place of a written note.


     Please Note:  Urgent messages should be called in to the front office (940-369-1800) as teachers are not available to check emails during instruction time.


Last Modified on August 22, 2020