Hello ! Welcome to High School!

    Name: Mr. Havens
    Email Address: rhavens@dentonisd.org   
    Direct Number: 940-369-4058
    School Hours:  7:20 am to 2:40 pm, Conference Period is from 11:40 am to 12:35 pm
    I teach all math courses at Davis School DAEP.  This includes Algebra 1, Geometry, Math Models, Algebra 2, AQR, and Pre-Calculus.
    Welcome to Davis School!  Please visit Secondary Math for course information and links to online help for each course. 

    Google Classroom:  Students please use the following codes to join the Math class you are in. 


    Student Academic Rules:

    ·         Attempt all work assigned unless you run out of time.

    ·         How does a student earn the opportunity to retake an exam or test?  Students can qualify for the opportunity to retake a test or exam by demonstrating that new learning has occurred and that they have a better understanding of that content. Examples of this process include but are not limited to:  -Completing new work or previously assigned work;  Discussing with the teacher the necessary improvements to achieve content mastery

    ·         When absent you are responsible for requesting the missed work from each teacher.  This work needs to be done in a timely manner.  You will still take all assessments when you return, but will be able to reassess when needed.

    ·         Listen to and follow all instructions given in class.  Read all directions on a given assignment before asking for help.  Failure to do so will result in loss of points.