Ticket System

    Team 6-1 Ticket System


      In order to keep students motivated each nine weeks, 6th Grade has a ticket system.  We believe this system will train students to be accountable for their own responsibilities and better prepare them for the 7th grade. 


      Throughout the 6th grade year, students are expected to understand all rules and guidelines.  The ticket system was created to help students abide by these guidelines.  At the end of each nine weeks, students will be rewarded for keeping up with their tickets! 


      Each student will be given a colored sheet of paper to put in his or her team binder.  At the beginning of each nine weeks, students will now be given a total of 12 tickets.  If for any reason, a student forgets supplies, needs to go to their locker, etc., the student risks losing a ticket by that teacher.  The teacher circles their course on the colored piece of paper and writes the reason.  The student has now lost 1 ticket for the nine weeks. 


    Students can lose tickets for:

    • bad behavior in the halls or classroom
    • being tardy to class
    • not having their ticket sheet at all times
    • not having their ID at all times, attached and visible
    • all supplies for all classes (ie. pencils, books, hw, etc.)
    • missing work

      Losing tickets puts a student at risk of earning detentions and not being able to participate in rewards. 


      If students use up all their tickets for the nine weeks, they will be issued detentions.  After multiple detentions, an office referral will be given.  Also, those students will not be able to participate in nine week rewards.


    Rewards will be (similar to those) listed below:

    • a "clean" sheet (keeping all 12 tickets) will earn a ticket party
    • keeping 4 tickets- reward card to be used during the following nine weeks
    • there's no punishment for 5 or fewer tickets; but no reward either! 

      We strongly recommend that parents check their child’s team binder for these tickets.  As a parent, you can see why your child gets tickets taken away.  You might even want to start your own reward system for your son or daughter.


    Thank you!


Last Modified on August 9, 2021