Welcome to remote learning. We miss you!!

    Classroom Zoom every day at the beginning of your class.  Have your instrument assembled when you log-in.   

    Zoom info for all students except percussion:  
    ZOOM LINK     Meeting ID: 939 357 8629

    Harpool Band Schedule 

    Percussion students will zoom directly with Dr. Hampton.  Be sure to have practice pads and practice keyboards.  

    6th Grade Percussion:          Meeting ID:  329 361 544   Passcode:  077478
    7th/8th Grade Percussion:    Meeting ID:  287 074 876.  Passcode:  088092

    After our zoom warm-up students will practice/complete assignments for 30 minutes and fill out their daily check in here:  

    Daily Practice Check In

    !!!!!!!!Students must complete this form every day to be counted present and receive their daily grade!!!!!

    Continue to check Canvas for new announcements throughout the next few weeks.  


    With the exception of percussion, all students will need to be enrolled in SMARTMUSIC.   Accounts are already paid for by the Harpool Band! Codes and instructions for SMARTMUSIC are below:  Use your @G.dentonisd.org email!!



    6th Flute-                  DM2QZ-GJQDN
    6th Clarinet-              CCECT-XRYAU
    6th Double Reed-       E4F4L-ZDMQU
    6th Saxophone-         ZYXET-ZTR4E
    6th Trumpet-             K6RLD-JCTAG
    6th French Horn-        XCLUM-UHXE7
    6th Trombone-           4J3QC-2CYFU
    6th Euphonium-         XKH7T-EDNL7
    6th Tuba-                  RUYAC-KJPUZ
    Concert Band-            VQFNA-A2PQ7
    Symphonic Band-       LJUQA-2Z67U

    SmartMusic will not work on an iPhone.
    SmartMusic will only work on a desktop, laptop, or iPad. On an iPad, you will have to turn it sideways (landscape).  Google Chrome is preferred.  There is also an iPad app.

    In order to use the software, 6th graders, you need to create a SmartMusic account using your @g.dentonisd.org email address.  7th and 8th graders should already have a SmartMusic account. 

    Next, join the class using the code for your instrument/class. (Listed above)

    Creating your account:

    -Open Browser (Preferably Chrome)
    -Go to https://admin.smartmusic.com/join
    -Once there, enter your SCHOOL @G.dentonisd.org EMAIL ADDRESS and the above class code. Click confirm and join the class.
    -A pop-up will appear saying “Let’s Get your Account Set Up”
    -The first question asked will be “Are you 13 or older” Be honest with this answer as it shouldn’t affect your account status.
    -Read over the Terms of Service. At the bottom, there will be a box to click Accept.
    -You will then be given the “Let’s Get Started” popup
    -Enter your legal first and last name and create a username and password. It is vital that you remember this information so please write it down somewhere or put it in your phone.  
    -Scroll down and select your primary instrument. Keep in mind that you must pick the correct key for your instrument. (For instance, pick Bb Clarinet and NOT Eb Clarinet, etc.)
    -Your time zone is –Central (CST)
    -Confirm your email and get started.

    Please do this by Wednesday 2/24 so you are prepared for your SmartMusic assignments!    



Last Modified on February 25, 2021