• Q: Can my B team son stay at the A team with me instead of riding the bus?
        A:  We want all B team athletes to ride back to the locker room and parents will pick them up from here.
    Q:  Does my son have to wear the game day dress attire?
        A:  We want all athletes to be in dress code.  We are asking that they wear Khaki pants and a polo shirt   tucked in with a belt.  We want them to be in this dress attire on each game day.  It promotes team unity.
    Q:  Does practice begin at 6:45 and go through 1st period?
        A:  The athletes are expected to to be here at 6:45 and expected to be on the field at 7:15.  Practice goes to the end of 1st period.
    Q:  What happens if my son is sick?
       A:  If your son is sick, a parent letter will excuse him for two days.  After this they have to have a doctor's
    note excusing them from practice.  If they miss two practices within the week, they will not play in next week's game. 
Last Modified on September 10, 2008