Dear Parent,

    Below you will find the practices, procedures and expectations for the 7th grade Team at Navo Middle school. Please read and discuss with your student and return the signed page no later than Friday August 26, 2016.


    Students need to bring their agenda to class everyday. This is essential for recording the daily objectives in class and homework assignments. 

    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Enter the room quietly, promptly and be seated in assigned seat.

    2. Copy the agenda.

    3. Begin bell work/warm-ups immediately.

    4. Get materials ready and organized for lesson. (See agenda to prepare) 5. During class, raise your hand and wait to be recognized.

    6. Remember, the teacher dismisses the class. Do not begin packing up until class is through and you’ve been

    instructed to do so.

    7. Clean desk and surrounding area before leaving classroom.


    Students are expected to complete work in the time prescribed in the student handbook. Students who have been absent should write down the agenda and check the teacher-designated area for make-up work for any handouts or additional instruction. Students are responsible for making arrangements with the teacher to take any missed test.


    Navo Middle School has a school-wide Discipline Plan in order to empower students, teachers, parents, and administrators in proactive intervention strategies that are consistent and effective. Student detentions may be held before school or after school. Parents will be given notice for these situations and are responsible for providing transportation.

    Student discipline will be broken down into two categories: minor discipline infractions and major discipline infractions. The following table details discipline for minor infractions (You may reference Navo Middle School Handbook for additional information).

    First Offenses: Verbal Warning

    Second Offense: Parent contact and teacher determined consequence

    Third Offense: Parent contact, teacher determined consequence, and referral to counselor

    Fourth Offense and any after: Parent contact and immediate office referral

    Note: Detentions may be held before school from 7:40a.m. - 8:10a.m., and after school from 3:25p.m. – 3:55p.m.

    Parents are responsible for providing transportation.

    These offenses/violations will accumulate on a semester basis.

    * If a student has had consistent discipline issues (per teacher discretion) then he/she may not be permitted to attend a major event sponsored by the 7th grade such as a possible field trip.

    ID Policy:

    It is advised that parents purchase an extra ID for $4.00 for the student to keep in case an ID is lost to avoid an ID offense. Each time a student is caught without their ID, the following procedure will be followed:  Student will be asked to put on their ID.

     If the student does not have an ID, they will either be sent to the library to purchase an ID, call home to ask a guardian to bring it to the school, or they will have to wear a temporary ID. A temporary ID will result in an ID violation. Students are allowed three “free” violations. The fourth violation will result in a two hour after school detention.

    Tardy Policy:

    A tardy may be recorded for any student who is not ready to begin class when the bell rings, whether they are in the room or not. Tardies, which accumulate on a semester basis, will be handled separately from minor infractions, but will follow a similar system of consequences:


    1st Violation

    Temporary ID (free)

    2nd Violation

    Temporary ID (free)

    3rd Violation

    Temporary ID (free)

    4th Violation

    2 hour after school dentation with the principal.

    Morning/Before School Expectations:

    1. Students are to enter the building through their academic wing.

    2. 7-1 students will remain down stairs while 7-2 students will go up stairs.

    3. While waiting for the school day to begin (8:15) it is in the students’ best interest to attend tutorials, work

    on school assignments, or read a library book.

    4. Students eating breakfast will enter the cafeteria from the outside not through the academic wing.


     Formative assessments (daily work, homework, etc.) will not be scored; however, completion of formative assessments may have a direct effect on summative grades. Thus, students are still required to complete all formative assessments.

     Summative grades (tests, quizzes, projects, etc.) will be graded. There are two types of summative grades.

    o Major summative – 70% in regular classes o Minor summative – 30% in regular classes

     A reassessment is permitted on any assignment as long as the student has completed the Navo

    Reassessment Contract and has satisfied all the teacher’s reassessment requirements.

     Reassessment is required on all grades below a 70.

    (Detach and return the signature portion to homeroom teacher. Keep the information sheet for your records.)

    I have received, read and understood the 7th grade Information sheet.

    Print – Student Name Print – Parent/Guardian Name

    Signature – Student Name Signature – Parent/Guardian Name

Last Modified on August 17, 2016