• Important Information



    School begins at 7:40 each morning.  If a student arrives after 7:40, he/she must check in at the office for a tardy slip.  It is of the utmost importance to have your child at school on time.  Class instruction begins at 7:25 with academic bell work activities.  Excessive tardies will be brought to the attention of the front office.



    Breakfast is served at 7:10. If you want your child to have breakfast at school, he/she should be here by 7:10. This would give them time to eat breakfast and be ready to come to class by the first bell, 7:25 to implement morning procedures and begin Bellwork. Children should eat breakfast every morning, it get's their brains ready to learn and concentrate.



    If your child is absent, it is very important that you send a written documentation explaining the absence(s) within 48 hours.  Sending an email will not do. If your child has 3 or more unverified absences in a 4 week period or 10 or more unverified absences in a 6 month period, you will receive a warning notice. 

    Also, remember a tardy is the time missed for coming to school late and/or the time missed for leaving the campus early before school dismissal.



    If you plan on joining your child for lunch, please arrive 5 minutes early and wait for our class at the cafeteria doors.  This is a special time for you and your child therefore; other children will not be allowed to join you.  When the stage is closed, please sit with your child at the front two tables or with your child at their table.  All other tables will be occupied with other classes.



    Daily Responsibility

    It is very important that each student comes to school prepared to learn. Daily binders need to be brought to school daily.



    We call First Grade, Independence Hall. After the first day of school we encourage parents to allow the students to walk to their class unaccompanied. There will be school staff posted throughout the school every morning to assist students with their destinations. Please drop your child off in front of school or walk them to the foyer. This will be a start in helping the student’s independence which will filtrate all areas in first grade.

    Literacy Library Books

    Literacy Library books home each week in their binders with a reading log. It is very important your child read each night to you, or someone in your family. The reading log must be signed and filled out each time. The book might seem too easy for your child, this is because it is a familiar book that we have read and worked on together. If a book is lost or ruined you must pay $15.00 to replace the book.



    Tuesday Folders

    A district folder will be sent home every Tuesday. It will contain important information from our school, community, and city. Please make sure the folder is signed and returned on Wednesday.



    We celebrate birthdays at the end of the school day at 2:25.  Please let me know at least on day in advance if you plan to bring treats for the class.  If you choose to bring invitations to school, you must have on for every child in the class.  Teachers may not hand out invitations to a select group of students.  This is district policy.



Last Modified on August 9, 2018