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    “My experience here in Germany was nothing less than perfect, in every aspect of everyday life engulfed in German culture. I highly suggest every teenager live abroad for at least a month, for nothing else can open eyes and mature minds faster…not to mention it’s a really good time. J

    -         Ricky Greer


    “This program has been one of the best  experiences of my life.   I will never forget  the wonderful experiences that I have been privileged to get to take part in.  My host partner could not have been better, and the places we went were all beautiful.”  -Nate Miller


    "The  exchange was a wonderful opportunity to experience everyday life in Germany and form lasting relationships with our exchange partners. During our three week stay I learned more about German culture than I ever thought possible."

    -Mary Wood

    "Germany is an amazing place! I learned a lot about German culture and lifestyle! I´m glad I had the opportunity to take part in this exchange and experience Germany hands on!"

    -Jennifer Wood


    "Germany is so beautiful, everything is green and there are fruit trees everywhere! I have really enjoyed experiencing the German language and culture. It’s so different from our own, but amazing in its own way."

    -Sarah Adams


    "I had a great experience in Germany one of the best in my life. I enjoy the German culture and all of its dimensions. I would like to come back based on the good experiences I have had in Germany. We have had many events that have kept us immersed in the culture that I have enjoyed thoroughly."

    -Chad Neu


    Germany is a beautiful country with lots of wheat fields (at least in Weißenhorn and Holzeim). There are lots of festivals to go to (unlike Denton) and I am never bored. Besides festivals, even going on the tours was lots of fun. I also got along with Dominik’s friends very well and I hope to come back one day. Seabass out!  -“Seabass” Garrett McFadden Glass"

    On transporation ...
    Actually, I became used to the bus system very quickly. I got to the where I was able to navigate it without Dominik and I could find my way home easily. I also had to rely on walking and bike riding and I was utterly amazed at how much I forgot just how fun riding a bike was. I swear, when I get home, I am going to start riding my bike again. Garnett was right about that. As for walking...well...walking is walking. I also attempted to learn the Unicycle. Not successful but even if I mastered it, I’d imagine it would not be the ideal method of transportation."  -“Seabass” Garrett McFadden Glass


    On Family Life...

    The family life in Germany I believe is very similar to America in values and practices.  -Chad Neu
    On German Schools...

    Sitting in on the classes at NKG was an amazing learning experience. The environment was so casual and relaxed. It was really nice to see the differences in learning.  -Mary Wood


    On daily life...

    Everyday life is different then America in many ways. Taking public transportation is used more often! -Jennifer Wood

    On housing...
    “I can’t close the doors here lol. Typical German houses are very different from their American counterparts. American houses are generally more open, with fewer doors and a more flowing style. Most American houses, especially in Texas because of the hard soil, have no basements. The ceilings in American houses are usually higher, with more windows, so that the space in the room generally seems brighter and more spacious. I get in trouble with my host parents if I leave the doors open here, and I couldn’t figure out how to use the Rolladen lol. ”  -         Adam Wilde
    On the environment... 
    “I am very impressed with the environmental health awareness in Germany. In America most packaging and products are simply thrown away after use, while in Germany shops offer deposits for returned bottles and recycling for many different products is available. If other countries made the same efforts toward recycling products and reducing car emissions the world would not have as much of an issue with global warming. The community and government effort to save the environment in Germany is a model other countries should consider following.”  -         Susan Conover

    On the surroundings...
    “The geography of Germany is unlike anything I have ever seen.  The mountains and the rolling hills are so beautiful compared to the brown that is so common to Texas.  If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that it rains a lot in Germany, but Germany is a beautifully green land because of it.”  -Nate Miller


    On German Traditions... 

    „German people seem very connected to their tradition, and consists of way too much delicious food and drink, ridiculous Lederhosen and goofy hats, …but traditional factors here are so memorable that one must see it to believe it, and will never forget.”  - Ricky Greer

    On Freetime...
    During my stay in Germany I have been lucky enough to experience a very involved free time schedule.  I think I speak on behalf of the whole exchange group when I say that: Deutschland macht Spass!  I really enjoy the fact that school normally ends very early.  In America there is much less time alotted for fun, and I think that here in Germany there are more opportunities to hang out and have a good time aside from working hard at school.  -Fredrick Warzwick


    On Shopping:

    Shopping is so different in germany, there are no malls so its just a random spattering of stores. Most of the stores are American though, everything is just a little behind in fashion trends. There are only a few stores that are actually german but they are really cool and cheaper than the American stores here.  -Sarah Adams 



Last Modified on September 23, 2008