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    Abreu, Caitlyn Elizabeth hairstyles   crazy animal
    Brent, Courtney R        theaters and costumes         crazy animal
    Brown, Peter Maxwell       aquaducts                    
    Burley, Markrin Demont JR     Education        library of alexandria              
    Carter, Clayton Ross    armor               1st punic war
    Cassella, Brand Francis        music          crazy animal         
    Dunphy, Kayla Eileen      philosophy           crazy animal          
    Escamilla, Edward Giovanni             coliseum           crazy animal   
    Farina, Lucy Abigail       Clothing               amphitheater of Pompey     
    Ferguson, Thomas Lee           gladiators             
    Gardner, Shawn Timothy        indoor plumbing        schedule        
    Guab, Auster Philip         libraries  crazy animal
    Horton, Devin Tailor  Weapons    plays
    Howell, Brandon Thomas  prisons                           
    Mitchell, Preston Cole      architecture  Fall of Rome
    Nadeem, Muhammad Ramish                            
    Scott, Carol Joane  houses      Roman Invasion of Britain
    Steward, Caylee Diane      recreational activities  crazy animal
    Terzini, Antonio      siege weapons        crazy animal
    Ward, Tristen Lee     food  crazy animal
    Yanez, Jose Jesus III  math  crazy animal