• The Mission...
    Students Against A Violent Youth is a student organization that channels its member's energy toward positive activities in order to deter them from becoming involved with gangs and violence. We are currently focusing on using art and music as our primary deterrents while emphasizing the importance of community service to our members.

    Our primary goal is to prepare at-risk students for life after high school by giving them a chance to participate in activities and programs that will provide them with authentic experiences which will help them to succeed at an institution of higher learning or advance in a career of their choosing or perhaps even to inspire them to start their own business.

    Founded in 2002 at Denton High School in Denton, Texas, S.A.A.V.Y. members have multiplied rapidly and will hopefully continue to grow in the coming years. With the assistance of community partners, we hope to develop students that will be leaders and role models to the younger, at-risk population here in Denton, Texas. With the proper guidance, we believe any child can succeed!

Last Modified on December 14, 2005