What Our Program Does

  • Employee Assistance Program

    Denton ISD understands that at times, the stress of home and work-life can take their toll. Under the best conditions, working in the world of education has its challenges, but significant life events or the accumulation of small stressors can get in the way of us working at full capacity. Our own mental health is central to the success of Denton ISD and the success of those students we directly or indirectly impact. For that reason, counseling and other support services are at times, a necessity.


    For that support, Denton ISD offer the benefit of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP):  CompPsych GuidanceResources.  This program is confidential and is provided at no charge to you and your household dependents.  There are a wealth of services under the umbrella of GuidanceResources. This program is available to all benefits-eligible employees of the DISD*. From everyday issues like job pressures, personal concerns, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, legal and financial direction or simply managing daily life, this program offers help to you and your family.


    ComPsych Guidance Resources Program 

    The ComPsych GuidanceResources program provides support, resources and information for personal and work-life issues. Through this resource, you can access Confidential Counseling at no cost and up to 6 face-to-face sessions per issue per year, Financial Information and Resources, Legal Support and Resources, Work-Life Solutions, Free Online Will Preparation and other support resources.


    To access this benefit, call 855-365-4754, TDD 800-697-0353 or visit www.guidanceresources.com, register and enter ONEAMERICA6 as the organization web ID. 

    Remember these programs are confidential and do not require employees to go through the Insurance Department, Human Resources or any other department for confidential access.


    While Denton ISD offers the Employee Assistance Program as a benefit, employees are not required to utilize the program to obtain services and support. Note that the district has two departments whose functions are to support and advocate for our employees; the Benefits Department and the Human Resources Department. Should you have questions or concerns about the mental health resources and/or benefits you receive through Denton ISD, please begin your inquiry there.


    • Do you have to be taking the District insurance to qualify for this benefit?  No, ALL employees whether full or part-time, are eligible for the EAP benefit. Exclusion are substitutes and contract employees.
    • Am I limited to 6 counseling sessions per year? Employees will have access to a face to face counselor for 6 sessions per issue. If the employee initially sees a counselor for depression, they will get 6 sessions. If divorce becomes a feature in this employee's life, they will get an additional 6 sessions with additional sessions for other issues.
    • Are my family members covered by this benefit? Yes, all family members in the household to include children under the age of 27 whether they live in the area or out of town/state. So, children who are off to college can receive services with this benefit. 
    • What if I don't like the counselor I get? Call the toll-free number and request another counselor. If it isn't working out or you are not getting any traction in the counseling, get someone else - don't be shy!
    • Am I eligible for the EAP benefit after I leave Denton ISD? Yes, regardless of reason, you are extended the service 90 post separation.

    When seeking counseling services, remember the following:

    • When contacting this resource, inquire about any concerns you have about confidentiality. You should feel secure about any concerns you have regarding your privacy.
    • You are the consumer and you have the right to ask your provider questions such as, "What is your understanding of my goals for counseling?" (Consider asking this after the first or second session; if the counselor is unclear, help define what your concerns are.)
    • After the second or third session, you should be feeling somewhat confident in the direction the counseling is going. If you don’t, contact your ComPsych case manager. You may want to request another counselor. The chemistry should be agreeable between yourself and the counselor. If you have concerns about the services you are receiving and are not feeling like the EAP is helpful, contact Larry Mankoff, Employee Support Coordinator at ext. 0290.