McMath Middle School Athletics

    1900 Jason Dr.
    Denton, TX 76205-0702

    (940) 369-3396


    Dear McMath Football Parents, 

    Your child’s football games are scheduled on Monday or Tuesday evenings after school. Your student will not be allowed to go home to eat dinner before the game.  We are asking that each child bring $4 each game (or pay $36 one time) to pay for their meal. The meal will include a Pizza, and a Gatorade/PowerAde. Parents are welcome to bring food for their child, as an alternative.

     Please let us know if you would like to:

    1)           Send money for a meal and drink for your child ($4 per game)

    2)           Pay $36 one time for the entire season.

          3)        If  you would like to bring a meal for your child. 

    Please be sure and contact us, either by e-mail or with this letter, to let us know your preference for your child (or if you can contribute for the entire team). If you e-mail us, please provide all of the information below.
    Parents, during the course of the season we ask for parents to take turns and donate Bananas and Granola type bar. We will give this to all of the kids after their games.          

     Thank you,

     Coach Carmona                                              Coach Bennett                                                              

    Phone# (940) 369-3396                             Phone# (940)-369-3395                                            

    kcarmona2@dentonisd.org                           bennet@dentonisd.org



    Return this form – or e-mail information to kcarmona2@dentonisd.org



    Child’s Name: _____________________________________________________


    Parent’s Name(s): __________________________________________________


    Phone1:(________)_________-__________ (hm/cell/wk)             Phone2: (________)________-__________ (hm/cell/wk)


    e-mail1:__________________@___________. _______               e-mail2:________________@___________. _______


    I would like to (mark all that apply):


    _______       Parents plan to provide meals for your child.(Please let the coaches know.)


    _______        Send money for a meal and drink for your child ($4 per game)



    _______         Pay $36 one time for the entire football season.


    Parent Signature: ___________________________________________   Date:               ______________________-