• Spirit Squad Standards:

    1.  Behavior during activities, in school or outside of school, should be exemplary and stellar.  Any behavior deemed inappropriate by school officials, teachers, coaches, parents, etc. will result in probation or removal from the Squad.  We have a zero tolerance policy for students that are sent to the office for behavior issues at school.  One trip to the office will result in immediate dismissal from our squad.


    2.  The Spirit Squad Coach will work very closely with the teachers to monitor student behavior and grades each six weeks.  If a student is not behaving appropriately in class, at lunch, at recess, during Specials, or any other time throughout the day, then they are not ready for Spirit Squad at this time.  If a student is not keeping up with their grades as well as not completing all their class work and homework on time, then they are not ready for Spirit Squad at this time as well.   A child CAN be removed from our squad for failure to behave appropriately at all times and failure to complete all school responsibilities.  


    3.  All Spirit Squad students must report to their practice, on time, on their scheduled dates.  Students who miss more than two practices will not be able to perform at our events.  An attendance roster will be kept, as well as a tardy roster, for each Friday morning practice.  Practice starts right at 7:15 am on Friday mornings and we expect all students to be there on time.



    For inappropriate behavior at home, please consider our PC Spirit Squad as a privilege to be taken away from your child.





Last Modified on August 17, 2015