Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


         When does soccer season start?  When do we practice?

    ·        The athletic soccer class meets and trains every school day during 5th block (3:10-4:10 PM).  The soccer season will begin on November 30, at which time we will begin our after school practices.  After school practices are every school day from 4:10 – 6:00 PM.  We will also train during Winter Break and Spring Break – a schedule for those times and date will be released in October.


         When are our games?

    ·        Our first scrimmage will be Thursday December 31 at Bronco Field against Lake Dallas.  The non-district game schedule will start Thursday January 7 (Frisco Varsity Tournament), and our district schedule will begin Tuesday January 26 at Bronco Field against Chisholm Trail.  Generally speaking, games are scheduled every Tuesday and Friday with the JV playing at 5:30 PM, followed by the Varsity at 7:15 PM.  In rare instances, games may be scheduled on days other then Tuesday or Friday.


          What do I need to bring to the first day of school?

    ·        Monday (8/24), we will be presenting information regarding expectations and procedures.  Athletes will be assigned an athletic locker on Monday, and may choose to bring workout clothes then, or wait until Tuesday (our first planned training session).  If the Physical Packet has not been turned in it will need to be turned in on the first day of school as well.

          Where do I get the required Pre Athletic Participation Forms?  When do they need to be turned in?

    ·        You may pick up the required Physical Packet / Physical Packet-Spanish from the DHS Training Office or download the forms by clicking on the underlined link above.  Forms should be completed and turned in to Coach Hilborn on the first day of school (8/26).  All required information, as well as, parent and student signatures lines should be filled in – Please review for completion before turning in.  All freshman, juniors, and students new to athletics are required to have a physical completed by a physician of his choice.


          How do I make the team?  What happens if I don’t make the team?

    ·        The fall semester of training will primarily be utilized for player evaluation, as well as conditioning and technical training.  Players will be selected by the use of many criteria, to include; playing ability, character, academic and behavioral accountability, attitude, athleticism and the needs of the team.  Any player that does not make the team will select a different course for the second semester.  Players who participate in other sports during the fall will be allowed to try out for the team when their sport is finished.


          Can I play soccer if I am playing another sport?

    ·        Yes, multi-sport athletes are supported at Denton High School when there is limited or no overlap in seasons.  Generally, players will train with the sports team that is currently in season.  Unfortunately, basketball and soccer seasons overlap to the extent that participation in both is not possible.  Most other sports are usually able to be worked out.


          Is there a Soccer Booster Club? And if so, how do I get involved?

    ·        Yes! - Denton High School has a combined Men’s and Women’s Soccer Booster Club.  Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in the Booster Club.  The booster club provides support for the teams, support for your child, and your teams coaches - the booster club needs your support.  To join the DHS Soccer Booster Club or for more information, please contact our Booster Club President, LisaSmerdon:  lsmerdon@dentonisd.org
    Is there a practice uniform?
    ·      Yes.  Players will be required to be dressed appropriately for practice.  The practice uniform consists of a purple shirt (players will order and pay for shirts when school begins, approx. $12), black shorts, and white socks.  Players should have a pair of long soccer socks and cleats for days we are outside, and short white socks and comfortable gym shoes for days we are in the weight room or on the track.  Until the purple shirts come in, all incoming freshmen and new players should wear white shirts.  Returning players can wear their shirts from last year, they will be the same. 
    When will practices begin?
    ·      Practices will begin on Tuesday August 25.  Players who cannot participate because of paperwork or because of not being properly dressed may have their schedules changed, unless arrangements have been made with Coach Hilborn in advance.


    If you have a question that you would like answered, please email Coach Hilborn: philborn@dentonisd.org