• Financial Aid
    This page will provide students and families with important information about paying for post-high school education. Many of the links below will either lead you to information about specific scholarship/grant opportunities or to educational information about the financial aide process. In addition to the school counselors at Denton High School, please consult with the financial aid offices at the schools to which you are applying for specific details about paying for college.
    Scholarship and Grant Announcements
    Below is a collection of sites to help you and/or your student get connected to scholarship/grant announcements. Remember, the colleges/universities to which you are applying will also have unique scholarship/grant opportunities. Please check with an admissions or financial aid representative from those respective schools for complete information.
    The Naviance program has a list of scholarships that are available for students. For a complete list, please log in to Naviance using the web address below, click on "Family Connection," then click on "Colleges," and then use the link in the "Scholarships and Money" section.
    Fastweb is a free service that is easy to use. Go to the following web address: http://www.fastweb.com/. Students/families create a profile with personal information that lets Fastweb identify scholarships that may fit the student and his/her goals. Students may regularly scan the results that this program identifies to find additional scholarship opportunities.
    FAFSA Web Site
    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an important document that 12th grade students and their parents complete after January 1st of the 12th grade year. This is the official site where families will complete the FAFSA. The FAFSA must be completed and sent to colleges/universities to be considered for most forms of financial aid. All students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA. Follow this web address for complete information: http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/
    Financial Aid Information
    The web sites below are helpful in learning about the financial aid process (terms, definitions, process, timelines, etc.). The financial aid process can be long and confusing, so having good information is important.
    AffordableColleges.com’s mission is to help you earn your degree without taking on thousands of dollars in debt. Our site is a free resource designed to help everyone address the costs of college while pursuing their goals. We can show you the path to a reasonably priced higher education. Check out their new online guide: http://www.affordablecolleges.com/resources/fafsa/ 
    Big Future: Paying for College
    This section of the Big Future site from the CollegeBoard is a nice resource with a lot of general information. Once on this page, you may use the links along the left to navigate. Also, you may hover over "Paying for College" link at the top of the page for additional useful pages.
    Know How 2 Go
    Know How 2 Go is an organization that helps young people make the goal of college a reality. This page has useful information that is broken down by grade level.