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     Boys basketball 


    Hello Basketball parents,                                                                                     

    We will need parents to give time! During the A,B,or C team game we need to open up the concession stand to the players, families and coaches. We will again be taking donations to help stock the stand.  We really  need concession stand volunteers                         
       Please help if you can 


    We also need more drink donations We hope each family will donate a 12-pack of drinks to sell in the stand So here is the list of Coke products we need to stock the concession stand Which will also be sent home

    7A- Powerade                      8A- Powerade     

    7B- Coke                             8B- Mr Pibb           

    7C- Sprite                           8C- Diet Coke or Diet Pibb

    If you would like to donate bake goods, pizza pockets, or anything that can be sold from the stand that would be great, please contact  Jennifer Schumuhl- jenschumuhl@rochester.rr.com  Coach Carmona- kcarmona2@dentonisd.org,  

    I want to thank all of the parents that help out in the concession stand. Last year we had some great donations of time, drinks, and food  that helped the program make some improvements that benefit all of our kids.

                    Just an FYI, we will find out later, but we may host the end of the Season Tournament, Feb 11th
     and Feb 13th If we do host the tournament, we will need to have parents to run the concession stand, and a hospitality room.


    Thank you for all of your time and help!


    Coach Carmona

    Team Pictures will be taken on Dec 16st Please make checks out to Sloan Photography.

    Well it is tournament time and the 8th grade will be playing Strickland at McMath on 2/7/13. We need parents to help out in the concession stand for three games on Feb 7th. Please email Coach Carmona or Jennifer Stricker. jennintx@verizon.net. If you can and are willing to work.