• We have not always been Broncos. In fact, we did not become Broncos until 1927. Prior to that, we were known as a different animal, the Mighty Eel. (So glad we changed to the Broncos.) Our mascot is known as Spirit. What an appropriate name for our mascot because Denton High School has wonderful spirit and tradition. From Spirit the mascot, to the “d” we hold up during the singing of the Alma Mater, Senior Handprints that adorn our school walls, Bronco Babe and Stud T-shirts, “The Horseshoe” (school newspaper), or the Spirit engraved on the floor (it’s roped off so you don’t walk on it)…the list goes on and on.

    Several of our faculty members were once students here at DHS. They include: Mrs. Ashton (Counselor), Mr. Berg (Biology), Ms. Covey (ASL), Ms. Hay (ESL), Coach Heffley (Biology), Ms. San Miguel (Assistant Principal), Mr. Wagner (Computer Science), and even our Principal, Joel Hays!!! Wow, that’s a lot of true Broncos at heart!

    There are some famous Broncos, too. NFL athletes include: Don Woods, John Lott, Aaron Graham, Mark Behning, Anthony Aldridge, and Hermann Johnson. Mario Bennett is a NBA player who graduated from DHS. Cletus Clark won a gold medal in the Pan-Am games. Two Miss Americas graduated from DHS – Shirley Cothran and Phyllis George. Also Olympic medalist Jordan Malone is a former Bronco. As you make it into the spotlight, you might be interviewed by Debbie Denman from WFAA Channel 8 News, another DHS graduate. There are also many other folks that have walked these halls that are either famous or at the very least important.