Counseling Assistance for CTE Programs

  • Career Counseling



    Jeanie Bragg
    Guyer High School
     Courtney Skaggs 
    Ryan High School 
      Julie Hollladay
    Denton High School
    Kim Rhodes
    Braswell High School 
     Susan Reyes


    All individuals are encouraged to contact the Career & Technology Education (CTE) Counselors listed above.  These counselors welcome the opportunity to assist you in any career-related question.  The CTE counselors will be able to assist you with the following tasks:

    • To help you gain the latest occupational information.
    • To help expand and consider other career options.
    • To help you narrow potential occupations.
    • To help you plan your educational courses.
    • To help you by providing and interpreting career assessments in grades 9-12.
    • To help in preparing your individualized four-year high school plan.
    • To help you in developing post-secondary plans.