• I want to be a PAL....
    1. You must be a junior or senior to be a PAL (sophomore or junior when selected)
    2. You must fill out an application. You will either be brought an application if you are nominated by a teacher, or you can pick up an application during the open application period. Typically, we get anywhere from 80-100 completed applications.
    3. The current PALS will filter through the applications, also getting input from teachers and administration.
    4. An interview list will be completed. Typically we interview anywhere from 30-50 candidates depending on the number of openings we have.
    5. Interviews will be conducted. The interviews are 10 questions, and relatively short. This allows us to put a face to the application, as well as see how you respond to questions that pertain to things you will deal with in the PALS program.
    6. The current PALS will review their notes on the interviewed candidates, and then vote for however many spots we have open. For example, if we have 20 open spots, each PAL will vote for 20 candidates.
    7. The votes are tallied, and the 20 highest vote getters plus ties are selected.
    8. Coach Swafford does reserve the right to have "alternates" in case a selected PAL cannot be in the class, moves away, etc...
Last Modified on June 6, 2013