• Action

    · Students take action as a consequence of learning.


    The mission of the OLC inherently leads to action. The produce from the outdoor learning area is used to help supplement the food packages provided by the Food For Kids program at Newton Rayzor. As students plant and harvest their produce they will have the option of donating excess produce to help their peers who are in greater need than they are of the produce. The greatest lesson learned is that through maintenance and care of the plants, food can be provided for others.
    Teachers and students will be sharing their knowledge gained by participating in activities and extending their learning. Sometimes this sharing could be in the form of a presentation for their classmates, in the case of the students. Whether the learning was a product of front-loading, a provocation or a learning experience, knowledge can and will be shared throughout our community.
    As students and teachers learn about recycling, reusing, reducing, composting and ways to conserve, the hope is that they in turn will take this knowledge beyond the OLC. The OLC community is a small component of our larger school, neighborhood and city community. Actions taken within our OLC can be transferred elsewhere similar to the idea that Transdisciplinary learning transcend an environment.