• Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas is the largest most diverse animal sanctuary in North America. Ms. Polk took students and their parents on a one day volunteer learning experience. Volunteers were able to take care of and help rescued animals that call this beautiful ranch their forever home.
    a beautiful vista
    Below students and parents making enrichment activities and healthy snacks for the primates at Black Beauty Ranch.
     making snacks
    Sweet Girl waiting for her snack.
    This sweet one is anxiously waiting for her snack.
    LuLu already has her enrichment toys and food.
    The first rescued animals to call the ranch home were the burros rescued from the Grand Canyon. These burros were facing termination because of overpopulation but Cleveland Amory, the founder of the ranch, brought them to Texas. Here they roam free forever.
     CMS Students at the Ranch
    DISD students pose for a picture at the Doris Day Horse Rescue and Adoption Center which is located inside Black Beauty Ranch.
    We mucked pastures and stalls. It's important to keep their home tidy and clean.
    Ms. Polk mucking the outside stalls at the ranch.
    Ms. Polk, mucking the outside stalls.
    Everyone wants a little TLC. These horses were once headed for termination at a factory, but saved and brought to Black Beauty to where they can get as much TLC and wide open spaces as they like.
    Everyone cleared large limbs to keep the grazing animals safe.
    I'm posing with Polk Plant that was picked by one of our CMS parents.
    Me posing with Polk Plant.
    Rescue horse trying to eat my hat.
    Silly rescue horse trying to eat my hat.
Last Modified on September 12, 2013